The pursuit of all things Creative has been an unwavering theme for Philadelphia born sculptor, J.A. Pippett. This quest has offered Pippett unique and diverse life experiences - culminating in an accomplished and successful career as a bronze sculptor.

      Pippett first discovered his creativity as a child.  He loved to draw and sketch and was forever building things out of cardboard, wood scraps, glue and scotch tape.   In high school, he learned the art of building homes by working in the family Contracting business. It was through that experience that Pippett first came to appreciate the value of a fine tool in the hands of a skilled artisan.  Later, when Pippett graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Engineering, he was invited to become a member of an elite team performing research and development at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility, following the infamous reactor incident of 1979. He spent the next six years working as a nuclear Startup Engineer for Bechtel Power.  His career there included the invention and successful utilization of several pieces of equipment in the field.

      Pippett’s yearning to express himself creatively also led him to a successful career as a commercial television actor in the 1980’s and 90’s. His love of building brought him back to custom home remodeling and his love of drawing eventually inspired him to move into a three dimensional expression of his work through woodcarving.

      In 1991, Pippett made a pilgrimage to the home of master sculptor John M. Soderberg in Camp Verde, Arizona. The two made an immediate connection and their first meeting culminated with Soderberg handing Pippett a selection of his own sculpting tools, followed by the simple, understated comment, “You’ll be needing these.” Deeply moved and inspired by the unlimited artistic potential of sculpting in bronze, Pippett began his next and most relevant incarnation as an artist.

      Pippett apprenticed with Soderberg and then studied with master sculptor Jonathan Bickart in Los Angeles. He has also sculpted for John Criswell Productions and the legendary Jim Henson Creature Shop.  Pippett currently resides in Los Angeles, California.